The Company has adopted the following business strategy:
  • Enhance its existing product range by focusing on product development and quality assurance.
  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers by addressing their demands and maintaining highest quality standards in the same time.
  • Expand capacity in certain products and add new products while working on entering into selected new markets within Saudi Arabia as well as within the Middle East.
  • Continue to improve operations through cost rationalization and process optimization.
  • Invest in new products that leverage Bawan’s value and make use of Bawan’s advantages to complement the Company’s product offering.

Bawan follows an integrated strategy that primarily aims to maximize its position in local and regional markets, while building stronger relations with its partners and customers by improving its existing products and investing in new, innovative enterprises. Increasing productivity is another way for Bawan to meet the growing demand in Saudi Arabia and region, while also improving its Return on Investment (ROI) through continued strategic partnerships and investments in more factories, enterprises and projects. The company also plans to undertake a geographical expansion across targeted markets and investing in promising businesses that can deliver high revenues with minimum risks.

Bawan policy considers diversification into interrelated and integrated areas, having been structured in five strategic operational units: Wood, Metal, Electrical, Concrete and Plastic, where each includes a number of subsidiaries. Bawan also runs a chain of modern factories in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail, Yanbu, Rabigh, Kuwait, UAE and Algeria, offering high-profile products to serve the local market and other major export markets.